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Howdy! We're Alex and Beau. 
Here’s a short list of a few things that we’ve done.
  • Spent over $350M on ads 
  • ​Generated some of the highest ROI for brands like Dish Network and Backcountry 
  • ​Worked with celebrities (like LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger) 
  • ​2 successful agency exits 
  • ​Inc 500 fastest growing companies (#182!) 
  • ​Work for and with big brands
Beau Haralson
Beau has over a decade of experience launching products and building brands both big and small including Google, Traffic & Conversion, DigitalMarketer, OfficeMax and many others. Over the years he’s worked with celebrities such as LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenneger, and entrepreneurs that deserve to be celebrities, doubling dozens of businesses along the way.

After exiting his first agency, Beau caught the vision to grow businesses of all sizes and co-founded ScaleThat, with the passion to create tools, training, and coaching for brands looking to Scale, but not knowing what to scale. 

Beau is the creative force behind all campaigns that ScaleThat Select works with. He regularly consults for brands, and is an oft invited speaker sharing his unique approach to marketing strategy, campaign architecture, and generating traffic and conversions predictably.

Alex Herndon
Alex has been selling brands out of inventory for over a decade. He has directly spent over $250M on ads generating some of the highest ROI for household brands like Dish Network, Backcountry, DigitalMarketer, and more.

He exited his previous agency, Amplio Digital at #182 on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies nationally. He’s currently spending ~$3M on ads per month and has a history of growing brands digital revenue by 25% within 60 days.

He’s well versed and consulted regularly for his expertise in Facebook Ads, Google’s Ad Properties, Amazon, and Programmatic buying.

But more importantly let’s talk about you. Does any of this sound familiar? 
  • You’ve reached a place scaling your ads that if you spend any more the returns tend to diminish...
  • ​You’ve got one or two creatives that tend to crush it, but have no clue how to scale them as that initial audience fatigues... 
  • You’ve got one promotion that you run once a quarter (or month) that wins every time, but you can’t build a business of that...
  • ​You’ve followed guru after guru, but just need a practical and tactical plan to follow and implement quickly...
  • ​You’ve heard that creative is everything, but don’t know where to start...
  • ​Facebook or _______ (insert ad platform here) used to work really well for you, but lately you two are driftin apart. 
If any of those things sounded familiar, you’re in the right place.
In this training you’ll find:
  • How to properly identify where you’re at in your business, and what you need to pursue next to grow with confidence and clarity
  • ​Where your current customers’ journey is broken (and where you’re leaving money on the table)
  • What to do to scale your advertising (and business) to new heights, without breaking your business, breaking the bank, and breaking you. 
Will it be:
  • Generic? - Nope
  • Boring? - Nope
  • Strategic only? - Nope
  • ​Tactical only? - Nope
  • ​Timely? - Yes
  • ​Timeless? - Yes
  • ​Impactful? - Ask these brands about their success following our methods
Case Studies:


· Challenge: Revive a previously stagnant ad account after a period of no paid media strategy due to an all-star employee leaving.
· Results: Defined a replicable paid media strategy and increased the efficiency of their cost per subscription to a profitable number.
· 72% Increase in Clicks
· 66% Decrease in CPC

Traffic and Conversion Summit

· Challenge: Apply a multi-channel approach to quadruple the number of attendees for a conference who had previously marketed primarily through organic and word-of-mouth traffic.
· Results: Defined a successful scaling strategy to replicate year over year.
· 2,000 Ticket sales below set Cost Per Ticket goal


· Challenge: Recognized as the #1 Best Selling Hair Regrowth System for women, Keranique needed immediate profitable growth in the digital channel instead of solely relying on TV advertising.
· Results: Within the first 60 days, ScaleThat Select doubled Keranique’s product revenue using existing assets. We’ve turned over 10k units within the first 6 months.
· 200% Increase in Orders
· 26% Decrease CPO


· Challenge: Revamp an unprofitable, underutilized product line within the Keranique brand family.
· Results: Within the first 90 days, we grew from selling 741 units/month to 5,185 units/month, increasing profitability 6x.
· 462% Increase in Orders
· 5% Decrease in CPO
What’s next? 
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Cyber Week Special - Save $470!

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